3 starsSealco is the main distributor for UAP’s MAX6MUM SECURITY range of products in Scotland.  The new range now includes three affordable ways to achieve the important TS007 Kitemark three star rating and Secured by Design approval.


The three star security rating was developed by Glass and Glazing Federation and Door and Hardware Federation in response to thieves using more sophisticated ways of breaking into doors which have been broadcast on the internet.


The Kitemark gives individual products a one, two or three star rating. These products can be used on their own or combined to achieve three stars.


The complete TS007 accredited MAX6MUM SECURITY product range to offer door manufacturers three easy and affordable ways to achieve the three star security standard is now available from Sealco. 

1.      Handle and cylinder equals three stars


The first way to three stars is to use the new two star MAX6MUM SECURITY TS007 handle with a TS007 one star UAP+ Euro cylinder lock. The MAX6MUM SECURITY handle has an integrated cylinder guard to protect the lock from attack by drilling and cylinder snapping. The handle is also reinforced to prevent it being snapped. Hidden self-adhesive fixing makes fitting the handle easier, it also increases protection against attack and damaging water penetration. The security handle and UAP+ cylinder combination takes no extra fabrication time, making it a fast and cost effective solution to three star security.


2.      New three star Kinetica super cylinder - COMING SOON

The new Kinetica super cylinder gives manufacturers the flexibility of achieving low cost three star security with any handle. Designed with renowned lock expert Chris Belcher the Kinetica cylinder achieves the three star rating on its own.

Kinetica is the latest addition to the MAX6MUM SECURITY range. Its patent pending design offers a unique defence against forced entry. If attacked, the Kinetica cylinder remains secure from the outside but can still be opened from inside so occupants are not trapped. It uses standard keys that can be cut anywhere from normal blanks and is ideal for master suiting. The cylinder is also anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill.

3.      Cylinder guard gets to three stars:


The third option to three star security is a one star UAP+ Euro cylinder combined with a MAX6MUM SECURITY TS007 two star cylinder guard. Fitted inside the door the MAX6MUM SECURITY cylinder guard encases and protects the cylinder. It features a unique hardened steel anti-drill plate, a pointed anti-drill high tensile steel bolt and anti-axial rotational lugs. These protect the cylinder from attacks such as drilling, forced rotation and snapping.

All products are available from Sealco across the UK on next day delivery.

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