Thistle TrojanSince switching to Sealco, “we have not had to replace a single tarnished handle,” according to Thistle Windows’ Trade Director, Andrew Cadman.

Based in Aberdeen, the majority of Thistle Window’s customers live in coastal areas where tarnishing and corrosion from the weather are common problems.

Thistle Windows tried several different handle manufacturers but found that within months if not weeks of installation they were having to visit customers again to replace window and door handles.

Andrew Cadman added: “Thistle Windows had worked with several different handle manufacturers but was still looking for a product that exceeded their expectations in quality and performance.

“The potential for corrosion problems as a result of the salt water, rain and wind speeds has always been an issue of concern for us, but since using Trojan from Sealco we have not had to replace a single tarnished handle.”


Trojan Sparta window and door handles from Sealco are corrosion resistance to BS EN 1670 with grade five painted finishes and grade four plated finishes. They are cycle tested to 25,000 cycles under operational load and come with an impressive 25 year guarantee.

Alan Malcolm, Sales Director at Sealco Scotland said: “We thoroughly research our products to ensure the advice we give is helpful to our customers. It’s very satisfying to know that we have fixed the problem for Thistle Windows and their customers.”