We know replacement locks and handles are a big source of trade for window companies.  It’s really important to have the right hardware for each job, as it speeds up the installation process so installers can fit more jobs into the week.  The challenge is that, on a repair or retrofit job, it’s not always clear what’s is needed until the time comes to fit it.


That’s why Sealco now offers adaptable window and door hardware from Chameleon, available for next day delivery to reduce installers’ stock levels and save them time on-site. 


Every day, customers come to us for replacement window handles.  One of the first questions we ask is, “what’s the spindle length?”  The trouble is, that’s not an easy question to answer unless the installer knows the spec of the original handle – especially as there are so many different types of window or door being fitted into homes.


Traditionally, the best alternative is to make an educated guess about the spindle length.  If it’s too short, it can’t be used, so usually installers over-estimate so they can cut the spindle down to size on site if needed.  But it wastes time, and that reduces the number of jobs an installer can fit into their week.


Fit Faster, With Chameleon Adaptable Window and Door Hardware

With Chameleon adaptable window and door hardware, you don’t need to know what spindle length is needed.


The Chameleon Adaptable Hardware range suits both PVCu and timber, making it a versatile system that’s ideal for replacement.


Chameleon adaptable window espag handles come with a patented spindle system.  The installer simply chooses from one of four spindle lengths and inserts it into the back of the handle.  The system suits most casement windows, so there’s no need to select the spindle length until you’re on the job.


The screws are manufactured in sections so that they can be easily cropped to match the spindle length – it takes seconds using a pair of pliers.


There’s a choice of five colours – white, black, chrome, satin chrome and polished brass – to suit most window styles.



Window Handle from Chameleon Hardware on Vimeo.


Save Time on Site With Chameleon Adaptable Window and Door Hardware

It isn’t only windows where Chameleon’s adaptable hardware can make a difference. For multipoint locks, the all in one repair kit comes with 4 different sizes of backset, so installers only need to keep a single product in their vans.



MPL from Chameleon Hardware on Vimeo.


For door handles, the Adaptable Door Handle PRO can be adjusted to suit height centres between 59 and 96mm – and the screw position can also be adjusted so the existing screw holes can be used.


Again, the real benefit to installers is that that they only need to carry one product, reducing their van stock to free up room for other items.



PRO Door Handle from Chameleon Hardware on Vimeo.


Visit our retrofit products section to find out more about Chameleon adaptable window and door hardware.


We offer next day delivery anywhere in the UK, so you can get what you want from your window and door hardware, when you need it.


We also have displays of Chameleon hardware at our trade counter in Falkirk, so feel free to pop in and see the opportunities in adaptable window and door hardware.