Yale Doormaster™ multi-point locking door hardware In the wake of National Home Security Month which ran throughout October, we’ve found that keeping homes secure with the best door hardware available is a top priority for many. With the dark winter nights upon us, we’ve reached the time of year where statistically, there’s more burglaries attempted on homes across the UK. That’s why it’s really important to double check your home security and make sure that your house and garden are kept safe and secure.

If you find that your door locks are looking worse for wear, or they aren’t working as well as they’re supposed to, it might be time to repair or replace the lock.


Replace the lock, not your whole door

Despite what you may have heard, if you’re in need of a new lock, there’s no need to replace the whole door. With Yale Doormaster™, you can replace just the lock instead of the whole door, making the job much easier and affordable.


The Yale Doormaster™ range of multi-point locking door hardware from Sealco in Falkirk includes easy to install replacement locks for PVCu, composite and timber doors along with temporary and repair solutions for professional installers.


What is multi-point locking door hardware?

A multi-point lock is a popular choice for door locking systems and is commonly used in PVCu and composite doors, and many timber doors too.


Multi-point locking door hardware often locks in three places with the turn of a key, and runs the entire length of the door. They feature rollers at the top and bottom of the door along with a latch in the middle to ensure a tight, weatherproof seal which creates a highly efficient, secure locking system.


Unsure if you have a multi-point lock on your door? Speak to one of our experts at our Trade Counter in Falkirk or give us a call on 01324 610710.


Why use Yale Doormaster™ from Sealco?

Available to buy online or at our Trade Counter in Falkirk, The Yale Doormaster™ ranges of Universal, Adjustable and Professional replacement multi-point locks along with temporary repair locks, use superior quality patented technology from Yale. The Universal range is easy to install regardless of your DIY experience, making it the perfect choice for upgrading your door’s security this winter.

Take a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to install.



High security features

For extra peace of mind, The Yale Doormaster™ Adjustable and Professional locks are PAS 24 doorset capable and Secured By Design.


• PAS 24

The Doormaster™ Adjustable and Professional multi-point locking door hardware ranges comply with PAS 24 to meet the requirements needed on new homes. It ensures that there are enhanced security and safety performance on the doorsets.


• Secured By Design

These ranges also meet the Police Approved Secured By Design (SBD) standard. This is a national police initiative which provides an enhanced set of security standards. Having SBD approved home security products is becoming increasingly important as it makes sure that you receive the highest levels of security and peace of mind.


You can choose the DIY option and install Yale Doormaster™ yourself, simply buy online or at our Trade Counter in Falkirk. Alternatively, if you’d like to have yours installed, call us on 01324 610710 to talk to our expert team about our low-cost door lock fitting service.