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Clenze Aerosol 400ml Alcohol Spray

£3.96 inc VAT

Powerful 70% alcohol Spray effective against bacteria & viruses.


  • Multiple uses including – Handles , Electronic Devices, vehicles, hand-tools
  • Ideal for Home , office & warehouse use
  • Spray on desired surface, let work for 2 mins , fully evaporates with no residue
  • No wiping required
SKU: METO020 Category:



  • Acts immediately to clean the work surface
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile product with multiple uses

Multiple uses including:

  • Shared work surfaces and workshop tools (e.g. drills, screwdrivers, computers)
  • Vehicle exteriors: door handles, windows, panels, doors, fuel gas door, windshield wiper, etc
  • Vehicle interiors: steering wheel, gear shift, window buttons, radio, rearview mirror, etc
  • Textiles: seats, upholstery, dashboard, safety belts, etc
  • Electronic devices: computers, mobile phones, spray booth controller, scale, touch screens, etc
  • Tools: scissors, spray guns, compressors, etc
  • Furniture: office furniture, lockers, benches, lifts, etc


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