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OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml

£9.88 inc VAT

OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner is the most advanced solvent degreaser that leaves no residue, is safe to use on painted surfaces, vinyl, glass and most plastics. OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner gets the job done with a 100% Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent; OB1 contains no recycled solvents. Ensure adequate ventilation when using OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner.


  • Prepping construction materials like tile, stone, laminates and walls before applying adhesive & sealants to ensure a strong joint
  • Degreasing and removal of existing adhesives and sealants. OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner removes grab adhesives, silicone and wax.
  • Finishing of joints sealed with OB1 Multi Surface Construction Sealant & Adhesive.
  • OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner dissolves the adhesive layer of duct tape, stickers and masking tape leaving no residue.
  • Cleaning tools and workshop equipment – OB1 will not attack plastics.
  • Removal of previous grease layers beforere-lubricating, e.g. door hinges. OB1 Multi Surface Cleaner does not corrode the paint.
  • Cleaning of tough to remove stains like tar.
  • Safe cleaning of paint and undercoat before spray-painting.
  • Degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts, motor, brakes, suspension.

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  • State at 20°C –  Liquid
  • Colour– Colourless
  • Boiling point/range – 140°C – 171°C
  • Specific gravity at 25°C – 0,740 – 0,750
  • Vapour Pressure at 20°C – 1,0 Kpa
  • Flash Point –  +28°C
  • Spontaneous ignition – +210°C

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