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Make Your Front Door the First Line of Defence

Don’t let breaking into your house be a doddle for would-be burglars. They should find it hard work, and so difficult in fact that they give up and go away, or hopefully find themselves being bungled into the back of a police car. Your home should be impregnable to a burglar, it should be a place where the security is good enough to put them off, and if they do have the brass neck to try and enter by the door they are thwarted by an excellent door lock system.

Protecting your door is the first step in providing your home with security

If you’re reading this and feeling slightly uncomfortable about how easy it might be to break into your home simply by trying the door, there are things you can do to make your door the first line of defense. If you think the rest of your home needs a security overhaul then we strongly advise you get in touch with a security or electrical firm. We’re here to help you get the most from your doors with locks so no one finds it easy to break in via the entrance to your home. 

What condition are your doors in?

The first thing to do is to take stock of the condition of your doors, are they in great condition? If your door is made of UPVC or composite then it’s like they’ll be still in excellent condition. However, it’s always a great idea to check them anyway, especially for any warping due to temperature changes as this could impact on the locks. If they’re working fine, then that’s great. You can add extra locks if you don’t feel safe. We have a great range of door locks, so just take a look around our online store to see for yourself.

Regular maintenance for timber doors is essential.

If your door is made of wood then they will need regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. Check for rot and splitting, also check for softness in the wood itself, has it become so malleable that a burglar could break in too easily?  If the timber is now feeling a little well, tired, why not exchange the door for something better, one that will give you peace of mind? Alternatively, if the damage isn’t too bad you could try removing some of the panels and replacing them. 

Door frames also need some love and attention.

Look at your door frames carefully, are they secure in that they are properly screwed or bolted on to the wall? You can strengthen them or ask a joiner to do it if you’re not confident about doing it yourself. You could also think about either making your locks stronger or buying more to complement existing ones, you want security locks that are made to prevent the door from being forced open. 

Glass panels

You also want to think about glass panels, try changing to something sturdier if you have glazed and try tougher glass that’s harder to smash. It might also add something more aesthetically pleasing than what you currently have.

Upgrading door locks improves the security of your home

A locksmith will be able to advise you about what type of locks might be suitable for your doors. They may be able to suggest a door lock that provides you with a better, higher level of security. Always make sure that the locks your locksmith suggest meet British Standards, otherwise come to us as we have a versatile range of British Standard approved door locks.

Spy holes, cameras, and door chains

Other things to think about are spy holes so you can see who’s on the other side of your door, and you could go one step further and get a camera that will allow you to see any visitors on a screen. A door chain is also a simple, yet effective addition to your door’s security. 

Sealco – for the best in quality door locks

If you’re thinking about upgrading the security for your doors and make them the first line of defence, we only stock the best in quality door locks as well as those from well-known manufacturers in our online store. Take a look and give your home the security it deserves.

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