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The Benefits of Smart Locks

Today we’re talking about the benefits of smart locks. We know that home safety is a high priority for you and your family, so we’re talking about these types of locks today. That means you can make an educated choice about whether they’re for you, and whether you should add them to your arsenal of security products that keep your home, family and valuables safe. 

What are smart locks then?

Before we go any further let’s refresh our memories on what smart locks actually are. You may be familiar with the word ‘smart’ from using the same type of technology for your heating system. The thermostat for your heating can be turned on and off with your phone and away from home too. The smart lock then is a keyless method and it can make a tremendous difference to the security of your home, giving you the flexibility to manage home safety even when you’re not there. 

Smart locks are electronic and use wifi and or sometimes Bluetooth.

These methods are used to make contact with other devices. A fob or an app can connect with each device, which makes them easy to use and easy to manipulate the doors and get them open easily. Other family members or friends can also get into your home if you message them a ‘key,’ which they can then use on their phones to open your door. This is handy if you’ve forgotten to do something at home before going away on business or vacation. 

You can use some smart locks in tandem with other smart devices such as your heating system so you’re managing everything via smart technology. 

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Wi-Fi will come with far more features and will connect with your home Wi-Fi network. However, it is vulnerable to hacking just like any internet device. Bluetooth is considered more secure than Wi-Fi, and uses authentication, however on the other hand their functionality is slightly limited in comparison to Wi-Fi. 

Different smart locks for different homes.

There are many different types of smart locks, and it’s recommended that you sit down and consider each one carefully before making a purchase. It really rather depends on what it is you want to get out of them, as they come with different benefits. Overall, however, all smart locks offer amazing benefits as we’ve seen, and you may find them far more useful than traditional keys in the long-term, it’s also less likely you’ll lose them. If you have elderly relatives it might be easier for them to use smart locks too, and they aren’t at all hard to use if they’re not up to speed with technology.

Sealco Scotland – for quality made smart locks and Yale smart locks.

We’re here to help, so take a look around our website and find yourself a smart lock, all from reputable manufacturers including Yale smart locks. Any questions, then please get in touch, we’re always here to help. 

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