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Benefits of window restrictors

Today we’d like to talk about the benefits of window restrictors. If you’re unsure as to what they are, and you have young children, are you’re in charge of vulnerable groups of people then this is the perfect opportunity to sit up and take note. Window restrictors are there to add security to those who are vulnerable providing safety around the outside of the window area.

Relevant safety standards and made to fit any window.

They will usually be designed so they fit any type and shape of window. They’re very strong and are made so that they conform to relevant safety standards. That means you get something that gives protection and reliability. Health & Safety must be adhered to so if you have responsibility for a school or a nursery it will adhere to the policies and procedures set out by the Health & Safety Executive. It will naturally require an investment, but it is worth it as it will prevent a child from falling and sustaining a terrible injury.

Small gaps, less opportunity to fall out or jump.

Window restrictors will decrease the gap from a window so it’s practically impossible to fall out if it’s open. This should give you extra confidence so that if you’re responsible for young children or your care for someone vulnerable at home or in a school/residential home, you’ll feel confident in the knowledge they’re safe from falling.

If you want to open the window to let in some fresh air – you can.

Restrictors work in a similar way to a chain on a door. You can leave it open just a crack, but it means that it’s not open enough for anyone to fall out and it also prevents anyone from trying to jump out. It also means you can have your window open to get some air so it’s not too hot, but without being wide open.

Window restrictors are extremely long lasting, because they have to be built from robust materials and designed to current safety standards, they’ll stay the course over a long period of time.

No complicated mechanisms or complex instructions to follow.

They’re extremely easy to use and come with cable locks and a cut key locking system. This will not involve any complex methods to open and close it. And also, these locking systems will fit any type of window, even sash or larger windows.

Sealco Scotland – for quality window restrictors and peace of mind. We supply window restrictors that adhere to all relevant safety standards and we’re more than happy to discuss your needs. We’ll make sure we have restrictors that fit your windows perfectly so don’t delay, if you think you’d like provide safety to someone you’re caring for, get in touch.

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