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A Guide to From the Anvil Product Finishes

Period finishes

There’s a variety of different finishes from the manufacturer ‘From the Anvil’ and it would be useful to our customer’s, now that we stock some of them, if we gave you a guide to which ones are best. We hope you find it useful. We love to help our customers make educated choices about the wide selection of top-of-the-range manufacturer products we stock. 

External Beeswax Finish

This can be used both inside and outside the home. It’s anti-corrosive and has a delicious matt affect with an excellent range of colours. You can use a maintenance wax to keep this finish in tip top condition. 

Polished Nickel Finish

Again for indoor and outdoor use this is a nickel-plated finish that has a really gorgeous polished finish. It comes unlacquered with warm tones, you can wipe with an oiled cloth occasionally to keep it in good condition.

Satin Chrome Finish

This gives a matt finish and comes with a solid steel or brass base metal with a chrome plate on the surface. Like the nickel finish, an oiled cloth is ideal to keep it stain free. This is great for both external and internal use.

Polished Chrome Finish

This reflects beautifully, it has brass and steel at its base with a chrome finish on the surface which has been finished to a high shine. It can be wiped with an oiled cloth and if you’re looking for something really special this is it. 

Polished Bronze Finish

This is made from unlacquered bronze with a high degree of copper. It has been aged and then polished again and is dark with a highly polished surface. It will become darker with age, but if you choose to polish it regularly it will keep its sheen. It’s good for external or internal use. 

Aged Bronze Finish

This is matt and very rich and has been aged. It also comes with a high degree of copper. It has been darkened and will darken more over time but will also reveal delicious copper undertones. By hand polishing you will lighten the finish quicker. Good for both internal and external use.

Aged Brass Finish

This is a solid brass finished that is unlacquered and has been aged. It has undergone an accelerated aging process after being polished again. You can leave this to age as it will darken over time but if you want it to be more sheen-like you can polish with something like Brasso.

Polished Brass Finish

This is an unlacquered brass and will require lots of polishing if you want it to keep its sheen. It’s good for both internal and external use. 

All of these finishes are up to British Standard grade 5.

Blacksmith finishes 

Natural Textured Finish

This finish is for internal use only. It’s finished with a clear matt lacquer and made from textured cast iron. It’ll need treating with wax (maintenance) regularly, so the iron is protected from any moisture. You can also wipe it with an oiled cloth occasionally. 

Iron Finish

This can be used outdoors and indoors and is made totally from solid iron. It’s finished with a powder coat, so the iron is protected from moisture and weather if you use it externally. Cleaning can be done with an oiled cloth to remove debris and to help keep its condition.

Natural Smooth Finish

This is for indoors only. It creates a lovely smooth finish with hints of metal. Clean with an oiled cloth to keep its condition. 

Bronze Finish

This can be used indoors and outdoors and is coated with mild steel and a beautiful permanent finish in bronze, which is also weatherproof. It has a lovely glossy-like bronze finish. It has a great vintage look about it and is anti-corrosive. However, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly with an oiled cloth. 

Pewter Patina Finish

For both indoor and outdoor use. It highlights the texture of steel beautifully and is so gorgeously elegant that you’ll never use anything else again. Creates a beautiful texture and is best kept clean with an oiled cloth.

Antique Pewter Finish

Indoors and outdoor use, with a solid base metal made from brass. It’s anti-corrosive and can be cleaned with an oiled cloth.

Black Antique Finish – for indoor and outdoor use.

It’s been made to high standards as are all our finishes, having been baked in extremely high temperatures and is also anti-corrosive. Clean with an oiled cloth. 

Black Finish – Indoor and outdoor use.

This has an anti-corrosion finish and is moisture resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms. An oiled cloth is good for keeping it clean and in excellent health.

External Beeswax Finish

This is for both indoors and outdoors and is made from an anti-corrosive beeswax. It is matt and comes with deep red and blue colours within it. Clean with a maintenance wax for keeping it in good condition. 

Beeswax Finish

For indoor use only. This is good for steel. It has blue to a red ochre in the finish, and by using a beeswax maintenance wax you can keep it clean and in excellent condition. 

From The Anvil (Door/Window Hardware) – for the discerning customer, all from Sealco Scotland. 

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