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Why are Intumescent Seals So Important?

Intumescent is one of the dictionary’s most fascinating words. It’s meaning is every bit as interesting too. It’s a material that when swelled up protects any material beneath it and can seal a gap in the event of a fire. As you can imagine then, it’s extremely important. Intumescent seals are our topic for today, and we’re going to explain in what circumstances intumescent seals are important and in what context they are used.

Intumescent seals are essential for helping to stop fire and smoke spreading throughout a building.

Intumescent seals are used on fire doors, and as you can imagine from how we’ve described them, they are extremely useful in this context. They can successful curtail the passage of smoke and fire through a door and stop it from spreading. They can also prevent smoke from escaping into other routes used by people to get out of a building. 

Heat activates intumescent strips and as they swell, they fill in the gaps of a fire door.

They’re activated by heat, and this is when they fall into action and are at their most useful. As they swell up, they seal any gaps, so a fire door will have its gaps sealed, thus making the corridor it opens onto safe from smoke inhalation and fire. As they seal, the gaps prevent the hot gasses and flames from spreading because the seal will prevent the door opening by jamming it closed. This will give people the chance to escape the building before it gets any worse. 

Intumescent seal could save lives. The seals are mounted to the edge of the doors and can also be fitted inside the frames.

They’re easy to work with and no fuss to fit, if you feel unsure of doing it yourself, then you can always ask someone else to fit it for you. You won’t always need intumescent seal strips for all doors, they are mostly used on fire doors for obvious reasons. 

Your fire officer can tell you more about intumescent sealing and whether your doors require them.

If you’re at work and you’re not entirely sure whether you need intumescent seals for the doors, then ask your designated fire officer who will make a final decision, but we can ascertain confidently that without intumescent sealings trips, a fire door will be relatively useless. It is therefore pretty much essential for all fire doors. 

Sealco Scotland – for reliable intumescent strips or seals.

If you need any further help with what we’ve discussed today, please give us a call or send us a message. One of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to help. Take a look around our site and you will find a wide selection of intumescent seals.

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