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Keep Heat In Your Home This Winter

As you’ll no doubt know it’s incredibly hard at the best of times to keep heat in and the cold out. It’s important to keep your home warm during winter, especially if you or someone in your family is ill, or you have elderly relatives living with you. Or just to simply to make your home more energy efficient so you stop losing heat.

We highly recommend something relatively simple in the form of door weatherbars. These can help stop water and wind getting through, so you avoid unpleasant drafts and a soggy interior. We work closely with Stormguard – a leading supplier in the market. This means you get quality weatherbars that will deliver on all levels, giving you long-term draft free homes.

Available in different sizes and colours

Stormguard weatherbars come in either silver or gold and in a variety of different lengths, so you’ll always be able to find one that fits your doors regardless of whether they open outward or inwards. They’re also designed to fit in aesthetically with your door and the rest of your home, and will complement any style of door you have.

Attach to the bottom of your door and hey presto – no more cold drafts

A weatherbar or – rain deflector as they’re sometimes known – is attached to the bottom of your door helping to stop the flow of excess water over the threshold of your external doors. They’re a very necessary item in your energy efficiency arsenal and you really shouldn’t be without one. You’ll find they only take a few minutes to install, are very easy to fit on to the door and aren’t expensive. 

It could be the difference between a cold, wet winter or a warm, dry one

If you’re worried as to whether they’ll just be an eyesore, they’re most definitely not! Ours come in two different colours and sizes as we’ve seen, so it’ll fit in discreetly and you won’t even notice it’s there. There are also plenty of instructions available online and on Youtube so if you find you’re a bit stuck, you can read or watch a video and you’ll have installed your weatherbar/rain deflector in no time. 

Sealco – for quality door hardware and long-lasting door accessories

At Sealco, we only stock the best manufacturers products because we only want to provide you with the best. You’ll get a quality product, and the kind of longevity you want, so you and your family are warm and safe all winter long. Browse through our selection of weatherbars and find the right one for your doors, feel free to message us or give us call if you have any questions.

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