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Choosing Front Door Handles

Front door handles may not be such an important aspect of any home, something that for a most of the time gets overlooked. After all, yes, they’re functional and…so what? Should we really care about which front door handles we use as long as we can use them to open and shut the door?

Well, yes, we should. Why? Because although they take a backseat in the midst of other seemingly more important details in your home décor, for everything to come together and work, they have to match – even on the outside. Yes, your personal taste is important, but all the little parts have to compliment the bigger ones, so you’re going to have to make it all work. You’ve also got the external part of your home to consider and you’ll need to make sure it all comes together and compliments the architecture of the house itself.

Your personal taste might be anything from large, glamorous, ostentatious pieces to something more understated that’s as practical as it’s possible to be, but minimal enough to take a very subtle backseat.

Practicality and Aesthetics

But aesthetics isn’t the only consideration because, yes coming back to the practicality, your choice of door handles will be determined how you’re going to be using your door, and how this then relates to your door’s locking system.

Specialist Entry System

You could decide on something more technologically innovative such as a specialist entry system. You may need a lever handle depending on whether or not you use a motorised lock, but you can also use a pull handle depending on the brand and type of lock you use. You can also use an entry system or a number pad with an electric latch, this will require a pull handle.

Lever Handles

If you’ve never heard of lever handles before then you’re going to be acquainted with them now. Lever handles are popular however there’s a slight catch, pardon the pun. Lever handles are always accessible unless you lock the door. You may want to think carefully about this, especially if you live in an area where there’s a lot of break-ins.

Pull Handles

You can have either long or short pull handles and they can look really dramatic as well as being practical. Longer ones can give a rather commercial look while short pull handles can give a more residential feel. If you have a fancy door then a pull handle can be the subtle addition even the shape, round or square can add something unique. In terms of the locking system a pull handle once shut will need to be unlocked even if it hasn’t been properly locked by you. In other words, it will lock itself and you’ll need a key to get back in, so it does add security.

Sealco – A Wide Range of Front Door Handles

If you’re looking for a new front door handle and you now have a better idea of what you want after reading our post, why not browse our online shop and find one for your front door. We have versatile range to choose from and we know you’re bound to find something that fits your needs!

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