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Advantages of Using a Smart Door Lock

As burglars become increasingly adept at breaking into your home, it’s become increasingly important we make it as difficult as possible for them. Also, with today’s busy lifestyle it’s also a great idea to provide yourself with an easy, convenient, yet secure locking system that’s adapted to fit in with our modern lives.

A smart lock is a wise security investment

A smart lock works via Bluetooth or wifi and works with a specific type of fob or an app you install on your phone. Once you put the fob near the lock, (or your phone, whichever the case may be) the door will automatically open. This eliminates the need to look in your bag for the keys, and no more juggling shopping, children and your bag while you endlessly search for them.

Control who gets into your house and who doesn’t

What’s also good is that if you’ve recently moved in and you’re worried someone else might still have a key for the door, you can change the lock and make it impossible for anyone else still with an old key to get in. You can also make temporary keys for people who might need to get into your home while you’re away on vacation, it might be to feed a pet or to check the mail. The key becomes invalid once you come back as you can change access on your phone.

Connecting your home

You can also connect smart locks to other devices in your house, such as the heating system, where you can switch the thermostat on or off or on standby while you’re away from the house.

Bluetooth or WiFi?

It’s entirely up to you which one you go with. The price tag can vary depending on which one you choose. A wifi lock will work with more features but will be vulnerable to hackers and malicious attack because it works over your network.

Bluetooth, however, is much more secure and isn’t connect to the internet. It relies only on authentication via your fob or phone. The only downside with this choice though is that there’s less functionality.  It might be a more attractive option because of there’s less chance of it falling foul of malicious attacks.

There are different types of smart lock out there

There are different smart lock options including Yale Smart locks, which comes with a lot of features and there’s the August Smart lock which isn’t available in this country yet, but will have such features such as door sense and auto-lock. The final option is the Danish Danalock which isn’t cheap but has features similar to both the August and Yale locks and can link to home devices.

Sealco Scotland – Smart Lock Experts

If you think you’d like to invest in electronic smart locks, why not get in touch with us here at Sealco Scotland or order online

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