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How to Choose The Right Window Restrictors

Whether you’re a public sector organisation, a residential home or a healthcare or leisure facility, window restrictors could save lives. This is important when you have responsibility for vulnerable adults and children.

Window Restrictors Ensure Safety

Window restrictors are designed to prevent accidents such as falling from a window, especially from a great height. You could be managing a private nursing home or school even, or possibly be in charge of a hospital, or you manage a business. Whatever it is you’re in charge of, you will want to maintain a high standard of safety for the people you are responsible for.

Window Materials

You will have windows made from a variety of different materials, the main ones will be timber, uPVC and aluminium. They are chosen for a variety of different reasons and we’ll briefly explain the differences before moving on.   

Differences between Timber/uPVC/Aluminium windows – uPVC is easy to clean and made from quite warm materials, so as you can imagine they provide great insulation. They’re a light material making them easy to install and they can last up to 20 years. For reasons of convenience, they may be a first choice for residential buildings or small businesses. Aluminium is a little more durable than uPVC. It’s slimline with a greater glass surface and is loved by government buildings, nursing homes and schools. Aluminium is said to be easy to recycle using less energy to create new aluminium.

Finally, timber windows also provide great insulation and provide great energy efficiency. This helps provide cheaper energy bills but are more expensive to purchase. In the long term they provide savings as they not only provide great insulation, they’re also said to be far more energy efficient than aluminium and they have a wide aesthetic appeal.

Maintain Window Safety & Prevent Accidents

The two best window restrictors for windows are cable and metal restrictors. They are both good at doing their job and help to significantly reduce window falls and help improve your building’s safety in the long-term.

Cable window restrictors are great for any type of window material, so you could use them with uPVC, timber and aluminium window frames. There are different types which include push and turn, key locks and permanently fixed. Ours are made to comply with British Standards and we will never sell you one that isn’t.

Metal restrictors can be opened more easily than a cable one unfortunately but do comply with British Standards similar to the cable ones, offer automatic clicks when the window is opened into a restricted opening, and come with left- and right-hand openings.

If you’re looking for complete security and one that works with all materials then a cable window restrictor would be a better choice, especially if you have vulnerable adults and children. If you run a small business and you’re responsible for vulnerable adults and children, then a metal restrictor may be sufficient.

Window Restrictors For Insurance

When choosing windows and window restrictors think about safety and your public liability insurance, which will be lower if you have made sure your windows are strong and are secured with reliable window restrictor locks.

Sealco Scotland For Reliable Window Restrictor Hardware

If you have any questions contact us and take a look at our versatile selection of window restrictors in our online shop and find what you’re looking for today. We’re only a call away if you’re stuck.

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