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Choosing the Right Door Handles For Your Home

You’d be forgiven for thinking that door handles are functional and have never given them a second thought in terms of design or let alone the overall aesthetics of it. People often see the bigger picture e.g. walls, ceilings and furnishings but never the details – such as door handles.

Your door handles are so much more important than you realise

If you are careful in your choices, then they can really be the piece de resistance of every room. Whether they’re knobs or handles, they can be chosen for their ability to match colour schemes, themes or patterns. Whether you have a traditionally furnished room or something sparser and more minimal, then the right door handles/knobs can make all the difference.

As you will know internal doors are a functional feature of any room, they serve a purpose. They both act as a way of shutting a room, providing access and also provide warmth, insulation and noise control. There can be any amount of rooms in each house, depending on it size and type, with older properties possibly having more.

But no door is worth much without the ‘furniture’ or attachments that open and shut them. A choice of handles or doorknobs are part of the details that matter, subtle as they are. They are the embellishments that can make all the difference.

Yes, handles or knobs are small but not irrelevant, the style you eventually choose, in keeping with that particular room’s style, will need to fit in with the overall scheme. On top of this they’ll need to be fit for the job, as in long lasting and durable. You want it to complement the room, not overwhelm it.

Door Handle Choice

You’ll be pleased to know there are lots of different sizes, styles, colours and designs out there, and here at Sealco we have a good selection of our own.

There are two types of door attachments and these are doorknobs and lever handles. The doorknobs are the oldest and are more commonly associated with period properties but can look amazing on a more modern property too.

Door lever handles are probably good for those that like a good grip, and like with doorknobs, there’s plenty of choice in style and design. As you can imagine, they do look more modern than doorknobs, although this doesn’t detract from their elegance and usefulness.

Naturally it will come down to choosing what you prefer. If you have people in your house with difficulties opening and closing doors due to a disability or illness, then your choice may be dominated by wanting to choose something that makes that much easier. Although in the main, aesthetics will be your most pressing concern. 

Sealco – Quality Door Hardware That’s both Functional and Stylish

If you think you know what you want now, you can simply go over to our website and you can choose the right door handle for you. If you need help choosing and you have questions you’d like answered, why not contact us and one of our team will help happy to answer them.

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