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Reasons to Upgrade Your Door Locks

What reasons could there be for upgrading your door locks? We can think of a few. Today, locks can be unpicked, people move about from house to house and don’t always stay where they are for long, people lose their keys and invariably someone always breaks into property. All of this can mean getting new locks, and possibly upgrading them at the same time to something more secure.

Tenants Moving

Always replace the door locks once someone moves out, if they or someone they once knew still have a key, then anyone can still get in. This means that whether the property is empty, or a new tenant has moved in, someone can still get into the house from a previous tenancy. Put a stop to it with new locks.

Moving into a New Property

If you’re moving into a new house, then having new door locks that are secure and too hard to break into is a great idea. When you move into a new house, the old owners may still have keys to the property, or friends of friends, and goodness knows who else may have one as well. It’s possible that several were cut at the same time so quite a few people have access to your new property. By having new door locks, you make it impossible for any surprise visits.

Suffered a Break in

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having someone break into your property, then it’s obviously prudent for the locks to be changed so it doesn’t happen again. You don’t want to leave your house vulnerable to future break-ins so replace with strong, long-lasting locks.

Stolen Keys

If you’ve lost or stolen your keys, they need replacing immediately. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to whoever’s picked them up. Someone may identify you from what you have on the keyring, and if they’ve wound up in the wrong hands you could have set yourself up for a visit from an intruder. 


If you have a disability or someone in your home suddenly has one, or possibly a friend or family member moves in and they have one, you’ll need to change your locks so it’s easier for them to enter. Sometimes it’s hard to operate a door lock when you have a disability, they may no longer be able to twist and turn the key to enter. If this is the case don’t worry because you can buy what’s known as smart locks which will open up much easier without the twisting and turning. They’re also secure enough to keep intruders out.

If you’ve had your door locks for a while, then why not replace them with something more robust and secure? It’s a great way of maximising performance and finding the right locks that give your home the security it needs.

Sealco Scotland –  Supplying Quality Door Locks Throughout Scotland

If you’ve decided, for whatever reason, that it’s time you had some new locks, then get in touch with us here at Sealco Scotland. We have an extensive range of door locks available in our online shop that will guarantee a secure lock giving you security and functionality.

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