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What are the Benefits of Multi Point Door Locks?

In this month’s post we’re taking a look at the benefits of multi point door locks. Why should you invest in one and how will your home benefit from the added security and privacy multi point door locks give you? They’re great for security, they’re solid and practically immovable with added latch, lever and two bolts. Whichever type of doors you have, whether they’re composite UPVC or wood, these locks work on all types. 

Privacy and security benefits are excellent with multi point door locks

On an operating level the privacy and security benefits are due to how these door locks operate. You lift the main lever to engage the bolts and then insert your key and turn it so that the latch is pushed either in or out. 

Don’t make things easy for a burglar

If you have a would-be burglar on your premises – and this could be domestic or business premises, you need to protect them with high-quality hardware like this. It’s virtually impossible to pick and this is great news. The reason why they’re called multi point door locks is because they provide numerous ways to lock the door which will always include a deadbolt, two other strong bolts and a latch, so you have both stability and security. This makes them really clever at outsmarting thieves, because in the time it takes to break into the house and discover they’re not clever enough to disarm it, the police will have arrived. 

Different locking mechanisms making your home impregnable

Interestingly, multi point door locks are found on uPVC or composite doors but as we’ve seen they work just as well on wooden doors. There are number of different locking mechanisms within the one system which deters those who are intent on breaking in. Basically, if they can’t pick at it and they can’t break into it in any other way, it’s a great deterrent. The longer they’re struggling with it, the more conspicuous they become, making it easier to catch them in the act. It’s likely they’ll give up before that happens and flee the scene. 

Durable and long-lasting

Another benefit is that they’re durable and offer great longevity over time with less likelihood of them wearing out too soon. What you may also find is that because they’re so good at providing security, your home insurance premiums could be lower as a result. 

Sealco Scotland – for quality door hardware and door repair products

If now you’re convinced of the many benefits of multi point door locks, you’ll no doubt be wanting to get your hands on some. You’ll be pleased to know we stock them here at Sealco Scotland. If you have any problems choosing the right ones, then call us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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