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What are the benefits of trickle window vents?

Trickle window vents are one of those things that many people have no idea about but can form an integral part of a window. You could have them in your windows at home already, or you may not be aware that you need them in a house you’ve just moved into.

Window vents are far more important than you’d think with trickle vents keeping your home especially safe and healthy. Trickle vents can play an important part of your house and in some instances are required under the Building Regulations. However, no matter how important they are, what exactly are they?

Trickle vents provide permanent or manually operated air flow.

A trickle vent provides air flow in a room on a permanent basis. It’s usually at the head of a window and sometimes you’ll find it over a doorway. It can be fitted to a window and many new window frames are designed specifically with the trickle vents already fitted.

There are two types of trickle vents available.

There is the permanently open one, which cannot be opened or closed, and the second is one that can be opened and closed manually. Your windows may already have trickle vents, but any new windows you have must come with triple vents already fitted. These is a legal requirement.

Allowing fresh air into your home keeps out the humidity and damp.

The job of a trickle vent is to cover the holes in the window frame that help allow air through. It is important to make our homes more energy efficient and with that comes airtight windows and doors, however this can result in dampness and humidity and all of this can be extremely unhealthy. Trickle vents are legally required so you have a healthy environment in which to live, with plenty of fresh air, removing any condensation.

Sealco Scotland – for quality window trickle vents.

Here at Sealco we can advise you on many relevant aspects of the Building Regulations, and make sure you get all the right information, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your windows. Where trickle vents are concerned you need to make sure any new window fittings contain these important additions to your windows. We can help you with this, and an any other aspect of home improvements. Don’t delay, now you understand the benefits of window trickle vents you’ll be eager to ensure the windows in your home have them too.

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