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A Guide to Sliding Sash Window Hardware

We’re going to be looking at sliding sash window hardware today, or sash window furniture as some people might refer to it as. Sliding sash window hardware can customise any window to fit in with a theme or colour scheme in your home. This may include things like opening mechanisms and different types of structures, so if you have sash windows you can change the way they look in keeping with your décor.

Sash windows or hung windows.

Sash windows are very popular, they’re also known as hung windows. They’re great for getting plenty of air into a room and they always look good. So today we’ll look at the hardware exclusively for sash windows and this is usually satin chrome, chrome, or brass. 

So many components, so many fascinating names for them.

The main components are the Sash Fastener which will seal the panels or sashes on the top or bottom together. The Fitch Fastener, which in itself is a great name for anything, is a lock that will fit most sash windows even if they’ve been double glazed. And wait for it – there’s also the Claw Fastener, the Brighton Fastener and a more modern and far less interestingly titled Security Locking Fastener.

Need a lift? You can also invest in a Sash Lift.

This is fitted on to the bottom sash and helps with pulling down the top one. You can also invest in a sash eye which will pull down the top sash, this is fitted on to the bottom. There are also D handles, and these pull down the very top sash and will always be fitted on to the bottom rail of the top sash.

That’s a lot to take in, right?

If you’re feeling a little confused right now by the amount of sash hardware there actually is, or you’re simply confused as to where it all fits and whether or not you really need one of any of these things – why not call us? Here at Sealco we’re experts at what we do, and we can talk you through our sash hardware and take the time to explain what’s what and why you should purchase it. That might be helpful if you’ve found this a little overwhelming! Or possibly, it’s heightened your interest and alerted you to the possibilities of what you could do with your windows. After all, if you’re lucky to have sash windows at all, why not make them even more attractive with sliding sash window hardware?

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